I am a technical specialist and manager in Deloitte’s Cyber Security team in which I perform a myriad of roles ranging from technical research and red teaming to innovating the way we work in the Cyber team.

From my childhood I have been intrigued by computer systems and networks and because of this fascination I have been on a continuous quest to understand more and dig deeper into how things work. In my daily work I use this knowledge to perform state of the art research on the offensive side of security and by performing red teams identifying weaknesses in client’s systems and infrastructures.

Additionally I enjoy bringing order into chaos and optimize processes. In my leadership roles in both the Red Team as well as the broader Secure and Cyber team I do this by pursuing my vision of further making the Cyber team a strong, well-oiled machine in which people can explore and develop their talents and use them in the best way possible to make this world a better place.

Among other certifications I am holder of the OSCP, OSCE and OSEE certifications from Offensive Security.

You can find and connect with me online on: